Do you want to build a website without any coding? A dozen web publishing solutions are available in the market. WordPress is the most used and popular website builder in the world.

There is another builder called Wix which allows you to easily create a new website in a few clicks.

The infographic below will allow you to decide which web publishing solution is best for you. If you are new to website concept it is recommended to use Wix but there are pros and cons of it.

The following infographic will show you how WordPress and Wix are different in terms of ease of use and many other things.

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Ease of Use –

When it comes to ease of use WordPress has more flexibility but this flexibility comes with more complexity.

If you want to make advanced adjustments in WordPress  you need to have some coding knowledge.

Whereas Wix is developed specifically no-developers and non-techies. You can drag and drop pictures, text, paragraphs, buttons, and pages with ease in Wix builder.

In Wix, you can directly see the preview of your page while editing whereas in WordPress you have to edit in the backend and then you have to flick to preview mode to see how your website looks.

Wix is the winner here. It is super easy to use especially if you are a non-techy. WordPress is a powerful platform but it comes with complexity. In order to use WordPress, you have to spend more time learning.

Customization and Design –

When it comes to design and customization WordPress is the boss. There’s no practical limit on customizing your website. Only thing is that you must be comfortable with coding.

WordPress allows you to customize your whole theme and put down your own name on it. WordPress has a vast library of templates and themes as compared to Wix.

You can also hire a developer to create an original theme for your business. WordPress theme price ranges from 25$ to 100$, but they are worth it.

Premium WP themes come with latest updates and bug protection. Wix doesn’t allow you to edit installed them properly. You can also customize a Wix template by accessing the code, but you need to be technically advanced.

Applications and Plugins –

WordPress is an open source code platform. Everybody can use and modify its code. This is the reason WP community has expanded to 75 million websites.

These statistics will give you an idea of how extensive the WordPress platform is. WordPress offers plenty of paid or free plugins for the user. Wix consists over 200+ apps that you can integrate with your website.

These apps can create contact forms, comment boxes, social media buttons, popups and so on. Most of the apps and plugins are paid.

There apps and plugins collection is limited but they provide almost every feature a website owner needs.

E-commerce Platforms –

One if the best thing Wix provides when it comes e-commerce store is it’s built-in Wix store.

You have to sign up for their Wix store plans and start selling. Whereas in WordPress you have to install a plugin called Woocommerce which is free but charges some transactional fees.

Don’t compare Wix to pure e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce and Shopify. WordPress provides Woocommerce plugin which powers 42% of all e-commerce websites.

Wix has a limited payment gateway and functionality. WordPress clearly wins here in terms of e-commerce flexibility and ease of selling online products.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) –

Wix allows you to change page titles, image alt attributes and much more. If you are using their free plan that doesn’t provide custom domain then it will be hard to rank in search engines.

Whenever you upload a picture in Wix it automatically names them as (dbc2cbnmje1cb) which hurts your image SEO and image-based websites like Photography.

WordPress helps you to install a Seo plugin called Yoast SEO. It is the most popular, free & powerful tool that helps you to edit Page titles, Snippets and description preview very easily. WordPress is completely winner here.

WordPress offers a bit more functionality then Wix.

Pricing –

Wix offers seven premium plans and one 14-day trial plan. You can sign up for Wix annual plans and secure 12%-14% depending on your package.

Whereas in WordPress you have to pay separately for web hosting and domain names. You also need paid themes and plugins for your website.

WordPress expenses can cost around 100$ to 200$ or higher depending on how many paid theme and plugins you use. Wix is clear the winner here.


WordPress is superior to the Wix platform in terms of Flexibility, Features, E-commerce, Design & Layouts. If you can do a little bit of coding WordPress is for you.

But if you don’t want to deal with technical maintenance, hiring developers, designers go with Wix. Get Wix 14-day trial for free here today.

If you have decided to go out with WordPress check out this guide on how to start a blog using WordPress. We hope that this discussion about the difference between
WordPress vs Wix has been helpful to you!

If you have any questions and queries comment down them below, we’ll get back to you shortly.

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