Whether you are an individual person or a web development agency, picking right web hosting service is a great way to achieve success in the business.

This will be especially important if you are using the internet to sell your services or products.

However, picking a web hosting service is a difficult decision.

You don’t know which is the best web hosting service for your particular use. You are not sure what features you should be looking for.

In short, you will probably choose whatever service comes along first and later regret having made the wrong choice.

This beginner guide is intended to help you make an informed decision and pick the right web hosting service for yourself. By the time you are finished reading this article, you will know what you should be looking for in order to make the right decision for your business.

But before purchasing web hosting plans we must know what is web hosting and how does it work?

What is Web Hosting?

Web management includes a variety of things. This includes designing the website, which involves the design of the layout, navigational tools, and other interactional features – in addition to designing or managing the text and media content present on the site.

Web management also includes various administrative tasks, including web security, making sure that the website is up and running, and picking the right web hosting service. 

While all aspects of web management are necessary to keep a successful website up and running, web hosting definitely tops the list.

This is because all your design and content management will go waste without a good and reliable hosting server.

 Also, lead generation, your search presence, and other such business variables, which are important for bringing you new customers, will not work unless you have a reliable and high-quality hosting service.

So,  EXACTLY what is WEB HOSTING? Web hosting services have data centers and huge servers, through which they offer space and connectivity to their customers. You, the customer, hire their services for hosting your data and website on their server.

This makes your site available to the world and your prospective customers on the World Wide Web. In short, without a web hosting service, your website will not be accessible to the entire world.

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is the name or address of your new website that people type in google to visit your website. In easy words, your hosting is a home on the internet and domain name is an address of your home.

Now, let’s get straight into a deep explanation. Internet consists of a giant network of computers which are connected to each other via cables. Each server or computer has a unique assigned address to them called IP address. IP address consists of numbers separated by dots.

Typically, IP looks like  67.234.567

Well, there is no problem with a computer to remember these typical numbers as they are designed to handle them. But it’ impossible for a person to memorize these typical numbers. So Domain name is invented to solve this issue.

A domain name consists of words to identify a particular website without remembering complicated numerical values.

Do I have to buy Web hosting and Domain name together? or Can I buy them separately?

You can buy hosting and domain name from the same company as well as different companies. If you have purchased a domain name from other company and web hosting from other company you have to point your domain name to your web hosting company.

On the other hand, if you buy web hosting and domain name from same company it’ easier to manage them, upgrading services under the same dashboard.

How Web Hosting and Domain Name Works?

Choosing a Web Server: Linux or windows?

There are two types of web server Linux web server and windows web server. These two web servers Linux or windows are functionally equivalent and depend on your hosting need and your comfortability with them. Both of these web servers differ in cost, versatility, and functionality. Windows web server is more costly than a Linux web server.

Linux Web Server – It allows running scripts like PHP, Python, Perl, and Unix languages. It supports Postgres SQL and MYSQL database.

Windows Web Server – It allows running scripts utilizing.NET scripts and ASP and some other Microsoft technologies. It supports access database and Microsoft server.

If you don’t want to build your website through scripts you should go with Linux web server. Linux web server is good economically. If you want your website to run over scripting languages
you can use a Windows web server.

Create Your Own Website Using the Best Web Hosting Platforms

Imagine being served by a hosting platform that comes equipped with an entire spectrum of awesome-quality features so you can create your own website with absolute ease, without requiring digging a hole in your pocket.

It’s likely that you have already done some homework with regard to the options available at your disposal in the cut-throat competitive web hosting market.

And rightly so, after all, while launching a new blog or website, choosing the right host is probably the most important aspect that nobody can afford to overlook at any cost.

But at the same time, if you are anything like most people out there, it’s not always an easy task to pick the right host as it may appear on a casual look.

With so many hosting service providers in the market today  – it’s perfectly normal for one to feel lost.

The best you can do in such a situation is to weigh down the advantages and disadvantages associated with individual companies and then compare them to one another.

The most renowned hosting service providers around in the market today include the likes of Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, HostMonster, and a few others.

However, after trying out most of these popular web hosts over the past few years, I have found my personal favorites in HostGator and BlueHost.

I will explain what makes them better later in this topic.


Types of Web Hosting-

Whenever you visit hosting websites like Bluehost or Hostgator you feel little confused by a no. of hosting plans and services they offer. Hundreds of web hosting companies are competing with each other and providing different no. of hosting plans. So which hosting plan is best for you.

I will explain all types of web hosting services in detail and which one suits your business. Only you have to do is just read on –


1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting means that your website will be shared with other hundreds of websites on a single server.

The advantage of this type of hosting is that you have to pay a little amount of money from $5-10$/month. A big disadvantage of this type of hosting is that your site speed becomes slow if your website traffic is increasing.

Your site will not be able to handle that amount of traffic. If you are new to the online business I recommend for you this type of shared web hosting.

Price range- $5-10$/month.


2.Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting packages are shared hosting account which provides the user with some extra tools or features to help you resell hosting space.

These packages come with great technical control. These packages contain some extra perks which include:

Free Website Templates
Private Name Servers
White Label Technical Support.


3.Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud-based web hosting is a new hosting technology where hundreds of individual servers work together to form a giant server.

The main idea behind this is that if a need for hosting suddenly grows, he hosting provider company can add extra commodity hardware to make a longer cloud.

If your website suddenly gets a huge amount of traffic your site won’t shut down.

Price – Pay-for-what-you-use fees structure. Usually depends upon cloud computing packages.


4.Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated web servers mean that you are renting one physical server from a hosting company.

You don’t have to worry if you have dedicated web servers for your websites whereas in the shared web hosting server sometimes takes you to sit down and take your resources up.

This type of dedicated server is best for those websites getting millions of organic traffic through google. Price Range- Dedicated Web hosting servers ranges from $100 and up.


5. VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Virtual private servers are those servers which share single physical server but acts like multiple, different servers.

VPS helps you to avoid the cost of a dedicated web server. VPS helps your website to avoid from shutting down due to hosting neighbors.

Price – $50 to $200/month.

If you want to know more about different types of web hosting here is a detailed guide.



In a simple way hosting is nothing but like a home where your website will live on the Internet and domain name, it’s addressing. Hosting websites provides different plans and services.

Buy those plans which are good for your business.

You have to choose a good web hosting as good as your content because even if you have good content and your site loads slow your visitors will bounce back from your website.

Web hosting company charges on a monthly basis and annual basis. Whatever hosting you buy shared, cloud, dedicated.

Always check what features these plans are providing like Bandwidth, Storage, SSL certificates etc.

Don’t buy expensive Hosting like Dedicated Web server hosting if you are a beginner to buy these type of hosting only if your site is getting millions of traffic. Before buying any hosting services make a list of all your website checklist.

If you are targeting specific countries for traffic always buy hosting server location for that place.Before buying any type of hosting you can see people review on google.

I hope this will help you. Hope you had a great day.

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