Steam won’t open fixed [Updated] 2019

A number of steam users have encountered steam won’t open problem which is very frustrating.

Whenever steam users open steam client they face error problems.

This problem occurs when an unclosed steam process interferes with other Softwares.

This problem is very frustrating and annoying for the user.

Due to this problem you are unable to play games from your steam library. Don’t worry! You can fix this issue very easily.

Try the different methods below to solve steam won’t open error.

Fix1- Using ‘Steam://flushconfig’ command

“steam://flushconfig’ command is used to clear local download cache. This command will solve your steam issues. Follow the steps below to perform this command.

1. Press Windows + R to open dialog box. Then type ‘steam://flushconfig’ in the dialog box and hit ok.

2. A steam window will be opened to clear your local download cache. Then hit ok.

Fix2- Fix Hard Drive errors.

Your hard drive corrupts after a long term of use. Checking storage device errors can fix your problem. Follow the steps below to find storage device errors-

1. Go to This PC and Right click on Local Disk (C:) then click on Properties.

2. Then click on Tools and click on Check option. This option will check your hard drive for system errors.

steam wont open

Fix3- Update your Windows drivers.

Sometimes steam won’t open due to outdated windows driver versions. Look for outdated Windows drivers and update them.

Finding or updating drivers one by one is a very time-consuming process. But I will make it easier for you. Download Driver easy software. This software automatically detects drivers which need to be updated.

Follow the steps below to update your windows drivers –
1. Install driver easy software.
2. Open driver easy and click on Scan Now button. This software will automatically scan drivers which need to be updated.

Nvidia Geforce Experience won’t open

3. Then drive easy will show you a list of drivers which needs to be updated. Update them one by one. If you want to Update all drivers in one time you have to buy their Pro version.

4. After installing all drivers restart your PC and check steam won’t open issue is solved or not.

Fix5- Reinstall Steam Client.

Steam files issues can be fixed by reinstalling the steam client. To reinstall steam client follow the steps below –

1. Download latest version of Steam Installer from their Official site.

2. Then follow the steps given in Installation setup wizard and Install it.

Caution: Install it in the same location where it is previously installed otherwise all games and user data will be lost.

Fix6- Restart your PC.

Sometimes cache of your PC interferes with a client. This would cause error problem in steam. Restart your PC and see the error is gone or not.

Fix7- Closing Steam tasks in Background.

If your steam client doesn’t shut down completely the process still runs in the background. When you launch steam later, the Operating system thinks the process is still running and refuses to launch.

Follow the steps below to end tasks running in the background-

1. Right click ithe n empty space of your taskbar and click on task manager and start task manager.

2. See what steam client applications are running in the background. Close them one by one. Click on End task to stop them.

3. Then launch the steam client again and see the problem is resolved or not.

Fix7- Disable Third party Antivirus.

Online games use Copyright protection feature which sometimes tricks antivirus software and antivirus software thinks that it is some kind of malicious software. Disable your antivirus software for a while. In this case, I am using the Guardian software.

Fix8- Update your operating system.

Updating your operating system will help you in resolving the error. Follow the steps below to update your Operating system.

1. Go to Settings and click on Update, Security Button.

FIX9- Change date and time settings.

FIX10- Overclocking Problems.

Overclocking feature gives your PC memory boost and increase CPU performance, but excessive overclocking may cause errors.

Due to overclocking your PC run at a high temperature. To optimize the overclocking feature you need to change overclocking performance.

Fix11- Perform a clean boot.

Sometimes third party applications interfere with steam if restarting PC is not fixing your issue. Then perform a clean boot. These third party software interfere with Steam clients. These third-party applications are Web optimizers, CPU performance booster, Ad-blockers.

1. Go to Start Menu and press Windows key + R. Type in msconfig in quotation marks and hit OK.

2. In the system, configuration windows click on the services tab and click on Disable all.


steam wont open


3. Then click on the Startup tab and click on Open task manager.


steam wont open


4. In the Task Manager go to the startup tab and choose items which you want to disable. Then click on the Disable button.


steam wont open


You will back to the System Configuration windows again and click on Apply then OK.


steam wont open


Then Restart your PC.

Fix12- Restarting Network Devices.

Sometimes steam client-servers don’t work due to bad network connection and server problems. Your modem and router might be responsible for your bad network status. Restarting your network devices will help you a lot.

Follow the steps below to restart your network devices :
1. First, shut down your PC, then router and modem.
2. Plug out power cables from router and modem.
3. Then wait for a while (5 Minutes).
4. Plug in the power cables back in the to router and modem.
5. Restart your router and modem. Then start your PC and check steam won’t open issue is resolved or not.


Fix13- Plug out External Devices

Sometimes external devices cause a problem in steam error. External devices USB, extra game controllers which are not in use affect steam.



If your issues are not solved by the above methods, the problem is due to an error in the Steam program itself. You should contact Steam’s customer support to resolve your issues.

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