Razer Synapse not working Windows 7/8/10

Razer synapse and Razer mouse are known for their reliability and versatility. If you use razor products you must have razer synapse software. This software is cloud-based unified configuration to manage different Razer devices. But in some cases, the user finds some issues and error in razer synapse. Scenario sometimes gets frustrating. In this article, I will show you how to fix the following different types of error.

1. Razer synapse not working.

2. Razer network not available.

3. Razer synapse not opening.

4. Razer synapse not responding.

Razer Synapse is a beneficial tool for managing your Razer products. Sometimes it creates conflicts and stops working properly. This scenario ruins the user experience. Corrupted and outdated drivers are some reasons for razer synapse not working. Some other reasons are malware, corrupt files or a slow Internet connection.


1. Re-Install Razor synapse.

Re-installing the software is the best way to fix this problem. Follow the steps below to execute this error.

First press both Windows + R, a run dialog box will appear then type in “appwizcpl” and Enter. A program feature window will open, find razor synapse and razor core and the right click on them and hit uninstall. Next, go to C:/Program Files (X860/ Razer and C:/Program data/Razer and delete it’s all files (Razer synapse files).

Then again press both W + R and type in “devmgmt.MSC” and hit Enter. Go to device manager, locate razor devices and right click on them to uninstall and click on delete the driver software for this device. Then unplug razor products (devices) from pc. After 5-8 Min plug them back. Windows will auto-install drivers for them.


2. Uninstall Device driver.

Sometimes corrupted devices drivers cause problems. In this fix, I will show how to remove and then add device drivers. Follow the steps below to execute this step –

1. Press both Windows + R and type in “devmgmt.MSC” and hit Enter and go to device manager. Now go to Human interface devices>>Keyboards>>Mice and other pointing devices.

2. Then right-click on different Razer devices and uninstall them. Always check to delete drivers as well when uninstalling. Then go to Windows search bar and type in programs and go to Apps & Features. Find razor synapse and uninstall it. Now plug out all razor devices from PC and plug them back after 5-8 minutes.

Windows system will auto starts installing required device drivers. Razor synapse will auto appear then Download and install it.


3. Updating Windows.

Windows provides monthly updates to improves Windows performance, fix bug problems. Follow the steps below to update windows.

1. Go to settings and find Update windows & security option and click on it. Then go to Windows update and click on check for updates. 


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