Geforce Experience won’t open Issue [Solved]

A number of Nvidia Geforce users suffered a problem or error that Nvidia Geforce Experience won’t open or not working. Nvidia Geforce Experience won’t open in Windows 7/10 is a common error due to wide usage of Windows around the world.

Most of the times icon shows up tray but doesn’t open any window. Various things are responsible for these type of errors. These may be Hardware problems, Corrupt Software installation etc.

Nvidia Geforce Experience won’t open error can be solved in various ways.

Fix1- Antivirus causing Problem.

Sometimes antivirus application interrupts with the Geforce Drivers such as Avast which is known to interfere with Geforce Experience operations.

You can solve error by disabling avast antivirus temporarily. Read this article how to disable Avast antivirus temporarily.

Fix2- Reinstall Nvidia Drivers

If the above method doesn’t work. You can try reinstalling the Nvidia drivers. Follow the steps below to uninstall Nvidia driver.

1. Go to Device manager, find and click on Display adapters and then right click on Nvidia Geforce option and uninstall it.

geforce experience won't open
geforce experience won't open

2. Then head over to the Official Nvidia website and use the manual driver search option, configure your PC specifications and download the latest version available for your Nvidia Geforce.

geforce experience won't open

3. Restart your system after installing a new Nvidia driver.

Fix3- Re-enable Geforce Experience

1. Open Run dialog box by pressing both Windows+R.

geforce experience won't open

Then type in services.msc and click OK. A new service window will appear to go to Nvidia Geforce Service and double-click on it.

2. Set the startup type option to automatic. Repeat this process for Backend service.

Fix4- Reinstall Geforce Experience

1. Press both W+R to open run dialog box and type in appwiz.cpl and hit OK.


nvidia geforce experience won't open

nvidia geforce experience won't open

2. A program window will appear then look for Nvidia Geforce Experience and double click on it and follow uninstall instructions.

3. Then Reinstall Nvidia Geforce.

Fix5- Updating your Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers

Sometimes Nvidia Geforce experience error occurs due to corrupt drivers. It is advised that you continuously update your system drivers.

1. Navigate to the taskbar and right click on Nvidia Icon, then click on Nvidia Geforce experience. Nvidia Geforce experience window will be opened and it will automatically show you the latest drivers compatible with your system. Another method is to look for Corrupt Drivers in the system.

Finding or updating drivers one by one is a very time-consuming process. But I will make it easier for you. Download Driver easy software. This software automatically detects drivers which need to be updated.

Follow the steps below to update your windows drivers –
1. Install driver easy software.
2. Open driver easy and click on Scan Now button. This software will automatically scan drivers which need to be updated.

Geforce Experience won’t open

3. Then drive easy will show you a list of drivers which needs to be updated. Update them one by one. If you want to Update all drivers in one time you have to buy their Pro version.

Geforce Experience won’t open


4. After installing all drivers restart your PC and check steam won’t open issue is solved or not.


Fix6- Restart Nvidia Geforce Experience

Press W+R, type services.msc and hit OK. Then go to Nvidia Geforce Experience and click on restart to its left side.

If your Nvidia control panel is missing from your windows computer follow this article Nvidia control panel missing issue solved.

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