Inmotion hosting company has positioned itself as a stable hosting provider. They are also considered as one of the best WordPress Hosting companies.

Now let’s dive straight into the Inmotion hosting review and decide yourself it’s worth your money or not. Inmotion has over 200+ employees, they offer 24/7 high-quality support.

In this detailed review of Inmotion hosting, we will analyze Inmotion hosting services, their support, and Servers uptime.

1. Reliability – How reliable will your website be without a single downtime?

2. Speed & Performance – How fast your website will load?

3. Customer Support – How good their Customer Support is?

4. Pricing – What they offer? Are their pricing plans worth considering?

5. Features – What additional features they give to their users?

Pros and Cons of Inmotion Hosting –

All Web Hosting companies have their advantages and disadvantages. No one is perfect in this business. There are pros and cons of using Imotion Web Hosting.

Pros –

1. 90-day money-back guarantee – Unlike other web hosts they provide 90 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service you can apply for a refund within 90 days of purchasing their plans. (Domain names are not included in it)

2. Free website migration – If you want to move your website from another server to Inmotion hosting server they will help you free of cost.

3. Datacenter location – Inmotion hosting data centers are located in every corner of the world.

4. SSD’s – They provide SSD’s storage device as compared to traditional HDD.

5. Free SSL Certificate – They also include free SSL certificate in their hosting plans. They give free SSL certificates while other hosts charge $30 – $40 every year for SSL certificates.

Cons –

1. Phone Call Confirmation – In order to prevent frauds, Inmotion hosting confirms the purchase by phone. If you are a non-US customer it will be difficult for you.

2. Pricing – Prices of Inmotion hosting are really high and competitive in the market.

Speed & Performance

Performance and Speed are the top concerning features when you look for a web host. The Poor hosting performance cost you more money that’s why you have to choose a better host that won’t go offline.

Speed and Uptime is one of the most important aspects of a website’s performance. Google loves fast loading websites. Slow-loading web pages have usually high bounce rate.

Web visitors hate slow loading pages. According to a study, 1 second delay in speed costs 7% fewer conversions and 11% fewer page views.

inmotion hosting review

In order to review Inmotion hosting speed, we hosted a test website on their server. Then importing dummy content, images to the website we tested its page speed using Pingdom page speed tool.

Results of this test are shown below in the image. Website loaded in almost half of a second which is faster than other 99% of all websites.

inmotion hosting review

Hosting Plans

Inmotion hosting provides different types of hosting plans. Their hosting plans are not cheap. They provide WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated server.

Every inmotion hosting plan comes with SSD’s device storage, 1-click WordPress Install, and free SSL certificates.

Shared Web Hosting – If you are just starting out this starter plan is just for you. it is a beginner-friendly basic web hosting option.

WP Hosting – WordPress hosting is specifically optimized for WordPress. Also, providing extra features and tools in order to improve security and performance. Ultra-fat WordPress performance and Malware protection.

VPS Hosting – VPS hosting allows you to share resources with different multiple servers on the cloud. This type of hosting will help you in handling the huge spike in traffic. Reliable cloud infrastructure and Unlocked CPU cores.

Dedicated server hosting – This type of hosting is suitable only for high business websites and enterprise websites. You can own a complete server for your website. Free server management and 99.999% of uptime.

inmotion hosting review


After reading this whole article, you might be wondering whether to choose Inmotion hosting or not.

Answer is Yes or No.

We have found Inmotion hosting to be reliable, fast, good uptime and great customer support. But their pricing plans are a little bit pricy.

Most of their pricing plans are user-friendly for bloggers and e-commerce websites. But you can still give a try to them.

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