For the last 7 years, I have been earning my money entirely online. Making money online sounds a bit scammy but many people are generating a good amount of money. Sometimes you have heard about some people generating over 10 to 15 thousand dollars a month.

Sure, but that’s rare. I earned my first online income via food and recipes blog by putting up some adsense ads.

It wasn’t much, it was a few hundred dollars, then a few thousand and now over 10-20 thousand dollars a month.

In this article, we are going to explore various ways that people are using to earn money online. I have spent many hours putting this together I hope you will like it.

Table Of Contents-

This article is quite long and I have created a table of contents so you can quickly identify the relevant sections.

Chapter -1 Writing.

In this chapter, we will discuss how you can make money by writing. According to my experience, there is one skill that affects that people earning money online is writing. If you are willing to write, you can earn money online guaranteed!

1.1 Blogging.

Blogging is free. but this doesn’t mean it is useless. People are generating 5-6 figures monthly income from blogging by promoting affiliates, ads, reviews etc.

Blogging is the best way to engage your audience with your content. Content is king. I suggest you read this guide on how to start a blog from scratch step by step guide for beginners. This guide will teach you how to build a blog from scratch. Some of the best blogging sites you can start with are listed below – – Create a free blog on blogger and get free hosting also. Your domain name will look like your is not flexible. It is for beginners only.

Live journal – the Live journal is a service for blogs and journals. They also offer photo storage, Publishing tools, Privacy control etc.

Tumblr – You can write and post everything, customization, and full features. You can do whatever you want using Tumblr. – WordPress is the number one software used to create blogs and websites. About 32% of Internet websites and blogs use WordPress.

I recommend using WordPress. WordPress has high flexibility. You can do whatever you want with your website. Full customization and coding options.

Wix – Wix is another website/blogging platform. If you are a beginner and has no interest in coding you can use Wix. It is easy to use. Just drag and drop. It is not as flexible as WordPress. Once a select a theme you can’t change or customize it.

1.2 Website/Blog Monetization.

When you create a blog and have good following and traffic there are a few ways you can earn money via advertising and selling informational products. In order to monetize your blog, you need to have some audience/visitor. After that, you can apply for Google Adsense or or Taboola to run advertising on your blog.

It takes 4-7 days for them to approve your application.

1.2.2 Ebooks
Every popular blogger publishes their own Ebooks. You can generate a passive income by creating Ebooks and Selling them online. – Create an account on Payhip. Upload your Ebook and then promote it via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and get paid immediately via PayPal. – Kindle is an Amazon series for ebook readers. You can publish your Ebook on Kindle. They take 15-30% as commission. – Setup your own Ebook store and sell them online. – Promote digital, E-commerce products via Instamojo. It’s easy to create a store on Instamojo. Easy to take payment from customers. – You can sell your Ebooks here with a professionally designed cover. Best place for promoting your Ebooks.

1.2.3 Online Courses.

You can also run your online classes/courses and teach people on a specific niche. Last year I made $2500 on one of these platforms. It requires a lot of upfront work.
All the platforms are listed below helps you to create your online course/classes.

1. Coursecraft.
2. Moodle.
3. Path Wright.
4. Varoline.
5. Peer To Peer University.
6. Udemy.

1.2.4. Podcasting.
Podcasting is the new version of Radio. Creating podcasts is better than writing content. Podcasts are audio conversations that you can listen anywhere while driving, working etc.

Entrepreneur on Fire makes over $50k+ per month by direct advertising through a podcast. Popular business podcasts are listed below –

1.2.5. PPV (Pay-Per-View) Advertising.
PPV is similar to the pay per click, except replacing click with a view. You are paid each time when you bring traffic to the ad. Rates of PPV is less than PPC because most of the people don’t click on the ad.

Advertiise – Avertiise is used for selling offline and online media, buying a print, ambient and many more.

Direct CPV – Direct CPV pays you each time when you bring traffic to their advertisers. It is basically cost per view or pay per view.

Qumana – Qumana is a desktop publishing tool that helps you to enable ads directly into your blog posts via embed code.

Yes Advertising – Sponsors pay you for running their ads on your blogs.

BuySellAds – helps you to advertise your ad with your rates. I have also used this for advertising our food and recipes blog.

Adknowledge – It is a digital advertising marketplace where you can earn a decent amount of money.

Traffic Vance – Traffic Vance delivers high-quality traffic to advertisers via high performing units of the ad, pricing and much more.

1.2.6 PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising.
Many of you have heard about Google adsense, it is a google’s advertising network. These types of advertising networks pay you per click. Adsense is one of the best advertising platforms to earn online money.

1.3 Revenue Sharing.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog there are plenty of websites and content networks that hire people to write for them. In exchange, they put ads in your writing and share revenue with you. The downside of this is that you’re building up their Website instead yours. – It is a valuable source of content helping people to solve their small and big needs. Get paid for writing articles for

Bukisa – You can share your knowledge via tips, guides and many more. They give 60% ad revenue share via Chitika or Google Adsense.

Best Reviewer – Give you reviews about products, books. Basically a collection of reviews. 100% revenue share via Adsense.

Cracked – It is a funny website filled with Articles, Pictures, Videos and bunch of other funny stuff. Earn up to $100/month.

Hubpages – Hub page is an online space to share your tips, opinions, advice, and insights with hundreds of publishers and authors. It is completely free and offers 60% revenue share via Adsense.

Squidstop – It is a bookmarking website. You can earn money by joining said stop. They give 100% Adsense revenue share.

Xomba – This writing community features articles and guides. You can join their writing community. They pay 50% share revenue via Adsense.

Snipsly – You can publish articles here and earn money. It allows you to post any type of content. They pay 30% Adsense revenue share.

Ads come in a variety of forms such as links, banners, videos etc. You get paid every time when someone clicks on your ads.

Clicksor – Clicksor gives opportunities to webmaster earn decent money by targeting ads on their blogs and Websites.

Feedburner – Feedburner was launched in 2004. It is a web feed management provider. It helps you to implement ads earnings to your feed via Google/Feedburner. – is an advertising network of Bing Search Engine. You can join as a publisher or advertisers. is a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Google Adsense – Adsense is an advertising network of Google Search Engine. It is the best way to monetize your blog and earn money from your blog /website. Adsense is the leading advertising network and most trustable advertising platform.

Infolinks – Info link is another advertising network that increases revenue opportunities for publishers. Payout through Paypal, minimum payouts $100.

Taboola – Taboola is another advertising platform. You can also make a good amount of money for each click. You must try their advertising network.

1.4 Freelance Writing.
No Worries! If you don’t have a blog you can join various platforms as a freelance writer. Personally, I have paid writers to write posts and articles for me and paid
hundreds of dollars to them. Some freelancing platforms you can start with are listed below –

Break Studios – A freelancing community for writing.

Fool – Get paid each time for writing financial stories.

London Brokers – You don’t need professional writing skills, you must know native English speaking.

Mashable – Mashable website hire various freelancers for different categories.

TextBroker – Submit articles and blog posts on Textbroker for cash.

Associated content – You have to submit your article and get paid relative to the views your posts get.

IWriter – Freelancer website for writing experts. Recommended by several bloggers.

DemandMedia – It is an application based writing website that pays up to $15 per article or blog posts.

Chapter -2 Selling.

If you have a product there are various ways you can sell it online. But if you don’t have a product you can also promote other people product and earn huge commissions from them.

I have listed several affiliate partners below that pay a good amount of commission.

2.1.1 Amazon Affiliates.

This is the most popular program all over the world. People are making thousands of dollars via Amazon affiliate marketing. They generally pay 4-7% commissions on every product you sell. Even the buyer clicked on your affiliate link and buy some other product you will still get a commission.

2.1.2 Web Hosting Affiliates

You can promote web hosting services and review them. A good web hosting pays around 65$ per sign up you refer to them. Promote those web hosting affiliates that you use. Always give honest reviews customers can easily understand you are trying to prick them. Be clear and straight.

Some of the best web hosting affiliates you can join easily are Bluehost, Godday, HostGator, Siteground and many more. Read this guide how to earn money by joining a web hosting affiliates.

2.1.3 Clickbank.

You can earn money by promoting Clickbank products on the website, FB groups etc. On Clickbank, you get paid around $5 to $100 per product. You can sort out products by gravity, relevance, categories, popularity. It is the most popular affiliate network.

2.1.4 CJ Affiliate.

It is an affiliate network where you can choose more than 1200+ companies to sell their products. You must try the CJ Affiliate network. They pay good commissions.

2.1.5 Clickbooth – It is a CPA affiliate network.

2.1.6 Adplosion – You can earn revenue via adplosion by selling products, leads to their advertising companies.

2.1.7 Digiresults – Digiresults is similar to Clickbank.

2.1.8 Share A Sale – Share a sale is an affiliate network which is similar to CJ affiliate or Clickbank.

2.2 Sell your own products.

Selling your own products is a good way to build a brand for yourself. No low commissions, just promote and keep all the profit. Several people are earning money online by selling their own products on different online marketplaces.

Crafts & Arts – There are many websites where you can sell your own art and craft products. Some of them are listed below –

ArtFire – It is a marketplace to artisan goods of all kinds. From vintage clothing to handmade ornaments.

Bonanza – Collection of collectibles, Decor and more.

Dawanda –Dawanda marketplace is for buying and selling homemade products.

Folsky – You can buy and sell beautiful ornaments, handmade gifts here.

Zibbet – Selling and buying of quilts, jewelry, soaps, greeting cards etc.

Big Cartel – Shopping cart for the designers and clothing, record labels, artists.

2.2.2 Videos.
You have to create videos and sell them on following networks –

Clipcanvas – It is a stock video marketing place offering HD video collections.

Istockphoto – You can sell your stock video footage here and earn a decent amount of money.

Vimeo – It is a community for distributing and sharing video content. You can promote videos and Vimeo.

Shutterstock – You can sell royalty Videos, Illustrations here at a good price.

2.2.3 Music

Did you know? You can sell your Music online also. Anything can be sold online which has some value.

CDBaby – CDBaby website has over 3 million tracks to listen, browse and buy. You can sell music there as an artist.

Fetchapp – You can sell digital goods such as Videos, Ebooks here.

SliceThePie – It helps undiscovered artists to launch their music in front of people.

Indaba Music – It is a place where you can build an artist profile and promote your music. They also arrange remixing contests and songwriting contents.

The Orchard – It is a tech platform which allows you to connect with people with your music.

Tune Core – You can sell your music on Spotify, Emusic, Itunes, Amazon MP3, Google play etc. and keep your all rights.

2.2.4 Stock Photography –

Videos and Music are very competitive space but if you are skilled in photography there is a chance you can earn a decent amount of money.

Shutterstock – You can sell your royalty free images on Shutterstock and earn money. I personally also use Shutterstock to buy quality images.

123Royalty Face – Yo can earn 50% revenue whenever a customer buys your photographs. They have a collection of millions of HD stock pictures.

Photostockplus – Yo can sell photos here and keep 85% of Profit.

StockXpert – Stockexpert is the best place to buy and sell stock images. You can earn huge profit from Stockxpert.

Fotolia – They provide 20 million royalty free illustrations, Images, Vectors. They share a 50% profit for each photo download.

2.2.5. Domain Names

Yes, you can sell even domain names at higher rates. Some people are selling their old website domains for 5-10 thousands of dollars. Following the platforms are good if you want to sell your domain name.

Afternic – It is a one-stop site to buy and sell domain names. They take 10%-20% commissions.

Snapnames – You can buy domain names that are already registered and buy, then again sell them at a higher rate.

Godaddy premium listings – You can sell your domain names on Godaddy premium listings and earn a lot of money. – It is a leading provider of back ordered, premium, dropped domain names. They take 10% commission.

2.2.6. Websites (Fully-Established).

If you have a website you can sell it to other people for money. Website value depends on DA, Links, Traffic etc. Some marketplaces you can use to sell and buy websites are listed below –

DealSite – You can buy and sell websites on easily. – Sell and buy websites, applications, domain names on Many people are using flipped for selling their website or Domain names.

2.2.7. Collectibles.

Always remember that if you own anything that has value can be sold online.

Baseball Card Exchange – Exchanging baseball cards.

Kurtz Cards – Baseball cards dealer since 1996.

Portland Sports Card Co. – You can sell or buy vintage football cards, baseball cards, sports collectible, and Investors.

Tim’s Football and Card Shop – Buying and selling of Football cards, Basketball cards, Baseball, Hockey card sets, PSA graded card sets and much more.

707Sports Cards – 707 sports cards is one of the largest sellers and buyers of vintage basketball, Baseball cards, Display cases.

2.2.8. Applications.

If you have a sort of programming capability of coding apps and software you can earn money easily. You can also work with a developer to create an application. The application must appeal to a wider audience.

Appsplit – It is a crowdfunding sourcing platform for applications. You can raise funds for your software in Appsplit.

AppTopic – This website allows you to buy Software and Applications.

Sell app – You can buy and sell iPhone apps and software here.

Selling Appz – You can buy and sell iPhone, OSXMAc, IPAD applications source code here.

Binpress – It is an open marketplace for scripting, source code, Javascript, SDK, Android, PHP and many more.

2.2.9. Paintings. – You can sell your paintings here. – Best place to sell art online. Buy and sell paintings online. – Find original photographs, paintings and buy or sell them. – Best place to create an online store for your paintings and sell them. – It is an online art gallery to buy and sell paintings. – You can buy and sell paintings, art from emerging artists here.

Chapter -3 Social Media

Social media is an attractive platform for advertisers. If you have or create large social following you can do well by promoting products, items, brands etc.


3.1 Twitter – You can set your tweet price and help other businesses to gain exposure.

Sponsored posts – You can earn money from sponsored posts. Promote other people businesses and big brands. – Earn money by tweeting other people tweets.

Twitpub – It is a marketplace made for Twitter where users can buy and sell.

If you have a large following on Twitter you can promote various brands and earn commissions.

Facebook Paid Like
Earn money by liking other people FB page and posts. Get paid for likes.

You can promote affiliate products on Pinterest. Especially some health and fitness products. The Pinterest community is the most engaging community for promoting health and fitness products. Women are the dominant users of Pinterest. Try to promote women products.

You probably knew you can earn money from youtube via ads. But if you have a large subscriber base you can promote big brand products and earn huge commissions.

Chapter -4 Renting.

You can rent out rooms, apartments to other people online.

Airbnb – You can find long and short-term living apartments here.

RentMyItems – You can rent out your house items and earn some extra cash.

Rentable – It is a global directory of hotels, Breakfasts, Bed, Vacation houses, Villas and Condos.

Wimbdu – It is a web-based platform based on peer to peer rental.

CampInMyGarden – It is an online camping garden community. You can book a garden or advertise your own garden for booking.

9Flats – You can buy and rent apartments, vacation rentals, guest houses, villas here on


Renting your house for filming & TV shows – Film directors and TV show producers are always looking for houses to film in. You did not make only good money but it’s good to see your own house on TV>

Chapter -5 Finance.

5.1 Stock Trading.
If you want to invest some money I Stock Trading, there are many stockbrokers in a market to help you out.

E*Trade – It is a stock brokerage service for self-investors.

Fidelity – Another broker you can use.

Scottrade – They offers wide-variety of banking and brokerage services.

Sharebuilder – Buy ETF’s, mutual funds, stocks.

TradeKing – It is an online broker platform. They provide research and tools for trading stocks online and much more.

Peer-to-peer landing – In this concept people raise fund loans for other people and getting 5% + returns on their loans.

Lending Club – (for U.S. residents only). Before investing in peer to peer landing properly diversify and take a fair amount of time to research loans, picking right ones for your strategy.

Community Land – It is very similar to landing club but for Canada residents only.

Chapter -6 Pay-Per-Project/ Freelancer.

Earlier I talked about freelancing writing. But freelancing could be anything from Graphic design, Video editing, Logo design, Project design every aspect of work which can help other people.


6.1 Gig websites. These types of websites are called gig websites where you can set your gig for low as $5 and high as $1000 based on your skills. It depends on how much work, data, information consumer wants from you.

Fifty Town – It is a marketplace town for $50 like Fiverr for $5. Here every gig starts at $50.

Jobsfor10 – You can get you gigs price from $10 onwards.

Fiverr – Best place to buy and sell from freelancers starting from $5.

Tenbux – Gigs price starts from $5 to $10.

Dollar3 – Recently gigsbull acquired Gigs start from $3 onwards on


Large freelancing communities –

Guru – You can find 40000+ freelancer designers, programmers, coders, graphic designers here.

Ifreelance – You can find freelancing jobs here.

Microworkers – Another freelancing community to join and earn some money.

Clickchores – You can solve people problems by joining clickchores and work for them such as SEO, Email Marketing.

People-Per-Hour – It is a standard freelancing website.

Chapter -7 Giving Advice.

You can help or sort out people problems. Use your skills to help out other people.


7.1 Read and Respond To Emails.

Inbox dollars – You get paid for reading and replying to email ads.

Inbox pages – You will get paid for reading for reading emails, completing surveys and playing games.


7.2 Involve in discussion boards and forums. – Make some extra cash by pointing content on forums across the Internet.

Mylot – It is an enormous discussion board, Q/A hub, blog community.

Crazoo – You can earn money by posting content on online forums.


7.3 Advising via Email/Telephone/SMS

Bitwine – Get paid for giving answers to people questions and giving advice on various subjects.

Ether – It enables you to communicate with other people and give them valuable advice. You can schedule your rate, time for giving advice.

KGB – You get paid each time for answering questions that people ask you via message/Telephone/Email.

Web Answers – You can learn Romney by showing Adsense ads on web answers. Answer questions and get revenue share via adsense.

Chapter -8 Newsletter marketing

You can promote your affiliate products offers via newsletter marketing. It is a popular way for bloggers/website to engage with their email subscribers.

Chapter -9 Transcription, Translation, Tech Customer Support

If you know, speak, listen to other languages there are greater chances people are interested in your skills.


9.1 Transcribing Audio to text

Get Transcribed – You get paid for translating audio to text transcription and video captioning service.

Scribe – It is a fast-growing online audio transcription service. They pay $1 per 5-6 min fro audio transcriptions.

Speech Ink – They offers you an opportunity to earn money by transcribing audio to text using Amazon Mechanical Turk.


9.2 Translating. – Get paid every time for translating text.

TranslatorsTown – Directory of translation and translators object.

Translators Cafe – Containing database of over 1200 translating agencies and freelance translators.


9.3 Tech Support –

Arise – Connect with people by providing customer service and get paid.

WorkingSOL – Handle tech support for a large company or organization and get paid.

Chapter -10 Consumer Research

A ton of companies is interested in getting the customers opinions, review, websites services. In some cases they want you to test out their product and wants feedback on it.


10.1 Product testing.

All people like this, but we like those things we don’t have to pay for. How about testing different types of products and get paid?

Expo panel – You honest opinion about the product will help unlock products before they are sold in stores.

Mom’s Meet – All empowering moms come together and talk about the latest on living green and healthy families.

Swaggable – A platform for consumers to test products that they are interested in!

House party – You can try different products to try at your house party.


10.2 Playing games

Every boy’s dream-getting paid to play to video games. – You can earn money by playing new games from earning $50 to $200 per hour. – You can play games, compete in prizes and also chat with other players. – You get paid every time you play video games.


10.3 Listen to Music.

If you love music, there are companies out there who are interested in hearing opinions. It is basically another form of consumer research.

MusicXray – Listen to music, rate it and get paid.

Slicethepie – You can earn money by reviewing songs.

Music Research – It is fully devoted music research organization devoted to studying of pop music with listener behavior.


10.4 Surveys.

It is the most interesting way to make money by completing some surveys.

Dollar surveys – Find free, paid online surveys at Dollar Surveys! The easiest way to earn a dollar! No gimmicks or commitments.


10.5 Mystery Shopping.

Many companies are interested in “mystery shopped” which means you have to pretend as a legitimate customer. Sometimes you have to go to their website and order a meal or products.


10.6 User test a website –

You can earn money by testing websites, such as user experience, what things are needed to improve user experience etc.

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