Whenever you try to install a new program or software, antivirus software might be a reason that you weren’t able to install the program successfully.

These programs include video programs, drivers and other applications.

In order to install a program successfully, you need to know how to disable avast antivirus software temporarily.

If you are avast user follow these steps to disable antivirus for a specific time period.

1. Navigate to the taskbar and right click on Avast icon.

2. Then click on avast shield control and select one option.

i. For 10 minutes, ii. For 1 hour, iii. Disable until computer is restarted.

2. After choosing the option, the avast window will appear to continue the process. Click on Yes option and avast shields will be paused/disabled for a specific time period.

2. Disable Specific Shields of Avast

Besides the above option, Avast also gives the option to disable specific avast shields for a limited time.

1. Open Avast main user interface. Then navigate to Protection>>Core shield option. You will see different avast shield such as Mail shield, Web shield, File system shield.

Figure out which specific shield you want to disable. Then click on it, four options will appear

1. Stop for 10 minutes.  2. Stop for 1 hour.  3. Stop until your next restart.  4. Stop indefinitely.

When the shield is successfully disabled you will see switch button change to OFF mode. If you want to re-enable just click on green Turn On button.

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