How To Create A Blog I Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners [2019]

If you have been wondering how to create a blog… you have come to the right place. Starting a blog is a great way to make money. 

But there is huge info out there on the web, and its too confusing and complicated. I created my first blog 6 years back, at that time I had same problems that you have.

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to create a blog in a simple and easy way. Follow this 7 step guide that I have used to create blogs that generate over a million page views a year.

how to create a blog

My name is Jatin Thakur, and I am going to show you how to create a blog. I have been building websites and blogs since 2014. I am not ashamed to admit that when I started building websites and blog I made ton of mistakes. 

You can take benefit from my 6 years of experience so that you don’t repeat those same mistakes. If you get stuck in any section feel free to message me.

I am not only going to teach you how to create a blog but also teach you how to get traffic that generates passive income.

No coding skills required, just one click and install. I promise it will be simple, easy to understand and relatively easy (no stupid jargon). Sounds good?

Awesome let’s move on….

We will cover following topics in this step-by-step guide - 

  • Choosing a Blogging Platform.
  • Finding a Domain Name.
  • Picking a Host for your Blog.
  • Installing WordPress for your Blog
  • Setting up WordPress for your Blog.
  • Customizing Design and Layouts.
  • Start Writing Blog!

I promise that I’ll make this straightforward that you will be able to start your own blog in just one sitting.

Step1. Choosing a Blogging Platform.

Picking a blogging platform is pretty much the first thing you have to do. Platform means the software used to run your blog. There are dozens of Blogging platform in the market such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, Weebly etc.

WordPress is the best option when it comes to blogging. It is the most flexible, free, easy to use software. This software allows you to have your own domain “.com”. WordPress has over 5000+ free themes to build a new website. 

It is a free software (you only need Domain name & Host). WordPress powers 32% of the websites on the internet. Techcrunch the most famous tech blog uses WordPress. 

Please don’t rush out and sign up just yet! I will show you how to install WordPress in just one click. But consider some things first.  

Can I start a blog for free on Blogger?

Yes, you can create free site on Blogger. But I don’t recommend using it, Blogger has several drawbacks like you can’t customize you site, you can use only google ads, boring layouts, your site will be hard to find on Search Engines etc. 

Step2. Finding a Domain Name.

Let’s assume that you have choosen WordPress as your Blogging platform (Smart move), next step is to decide a name (Domain name) for your blog. 

A Domain name is like an address where people can find our blog such as “” or

I recommend you to get a .com Domain name extension. You can also get domain name extensions such as .tech .co .net .in if .com if .com is not avalaible for your name.

Use the Domain name checker below to find a perfect Domain name for your blog.

After checking Domain name availbility for your blog, proceed to the next section below.

Step3. Picking a Host for your Blog.

When it comes to Web hosting, various things matters such as –

1. Support – You need a Dedicated support team to help you.

2. Uptime – You need a host that won’t go offline.

3. Price – Fair pricing with great features (No hidden charges).

4. Speed & Performance – You need your website to load fast.

When it comes to Web hosting I prefer Bluehost because it is fast, reliable and secure. It helps you to install WordPress in just one click. I strongly recommend using Bluehost.

You can also use other hosting providers but to keep this step-by-step guide focused, I’am going to use Bluehost to explain setup process.

If you want to save some money (60% Discount) and Free domain + SSL Certificate for 1/yr click on Host with Bluehost Button and follow the steps shown below in screenshots.

Setting up a Domain Name & Hosting

How To Create A Blog

After clicking on Host with Bluehost button you will be directed to Bluehost home page and then click on Get Started Now button.

How To Create A Blog

Once you click on Get Start Button choose hosting plan for you blog. Four shared hosting plans are given to you Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

How To Create A Blog

I recommend you to go with Basic hosting plan because it is the cheapest and best plan for beginners. You can upgrade to other plans later if you want to more features and power.

If you want to run a personal blog and small website Basic plan is best for you. Other plans such as Pro, Prime are helpful only if your site starts getting lots of traffic.

Once your site starts getting millions of traffic you can upgrade to their Dedicated or Cloud Hosting plans.

Choose your Domain Name

How To Create A Blog

Bluehost will show you two options one is get your new domain name (new domain name which is included free for first year).

Second option is I have already a domain name. If you want new domain name type a name for your blog. It will show you that domain name is available or not.

After selecting a domain name its time to fill out your personal information. Fill out this form carefully. 

How To Create A Blog

In the next step select your account plan as Basic 12 months. Pay close attention to the additional add ons below such as Domain Protection, Site Backup, Sitelock Security.

Domain privacy protection costs $0.99 cents/month. It will keep you domain identity hidden. See yourself which addon features you like to choose. Choosing extra addons increases your budget. 

How To Create A Blog

Once you choose addon features for your blog fill out payment information & click on submit button. 

How To Create A Blog

Setting Username & Password for Bluehost Account

After successfully submitting payment information and creating Username & Password you will receive a Welcome email from Bluehost. This email contains your Username & Password details. Check your spam folder if you don’t get email from Bluehost.

Congratulations, now you are one step closer in order to create a blog. 

Next step is to install WordPress.

Step4. Installing WordPress on Bluehost in Just One Click

Bluehost offers one click installation for WordPress. Now you are logged in to Bluehost. Good news! WordPress is now waiting for you.

You will see a bunch of themes on first screen. You can choose a theme now and you can always change theme later. Go to Next Screen click on Start Building button. 

How To Create A Blog

Congratulations you installed WordPress for your blog. Bluehost WordPress dashboard will look like the image below.

Step5. Setting up your WordPress Blog

After installing WordPress you will see different tabs with quick highlights (Don’t click any of these for now): Now focus on two options in the centre of the screen Personal or Bussiness (What kind of site you want to setup?) 

Pick anyone right now, you can easily change them later. When you clicked on “Bussiness” or “Personal” option you will see something like this.

“Site Title” – It is your blog or website’s name. Don’t type in www. – just plain English text.

“Site Description” – Write a sweet and short summary what your site and blog is about. Make your site description brief.

Also don’t worry about the Site Title & Site Description you can change it later. In the next screen, it will ask you to update site with news or blog posts. Hit ‘Yes’. 

On the next screen it will ask you what should visitors see on your home page, Recent posts or Static Home Page.  I recommend choosing recent posts or updates. Don’t worry you can also change it later.

In the next screen it will ask you to setup a Contact us page. Then setup contact us page using Jetpack plugin and create a Jetpack profile then connect it with WordPress. It will improve your blog security, Traffic growth etc. Yo can do it later by clicking on “Not Now” button. 

Step6. Customizing Layout & Design.

Finally, the most exciting part comes. Now you have to design or customize your blog layout. In general, designs are reffered as Themes in WordPress.

Good News! You have over 5000+ themes in WordPress.

Bad News! With so many themes ,you have to spend hours finding the right one. Here’s the list of Best WordPress Blog themes to save your time. 

How To Create A Blog
How To Create A Blog
How To Create A Blog

Step7. Start Writing!

Good news is that writing Blog posts in WordPress is easy as using MSWord and Excel. Let’s walkthrough some important features you nedd to know about wordpress.

1. Title – In this section title of your post is wrritten.

2. Content Area – This is the area where whole text of your post is wrritten with Videos & Images.

3. Editing Tools – This editing section conains some tools like Bold, Italic, Underline, Link Insertion options.

4. Publishing Tools – This section contains various useful options such as Save Draft, Preview, Publish options.

Publish button is used to post your blog when it is ready.

Preview button is used to preview some post changes & how it will look after it goes live.

Save draft button will save your incomplete blog post without making post live. Other options are scheduling a post for future, making a post private/public.

5. Fine-tuning tools – This section of tool contains post category, adding a featured image option etc.

Adding Headings

Adding headings to your paragraphs will help your readers to scan content. For example my heading is “What is a blog? this heading tells people what your content is about.

To add a Heading go to Editing tools section and click on Paragraph-drop down menu and select your heading. Remember your post can have only H1 tag. Read this article on how to use heading in your blog post. 

Adding Images

If you want to add some pictures, click on Add media and upload images for your blog post. Once a image is uploaded, you can resize & crop it.

Adding featured Image

A featured image is simply a image displayed on every top of page or post. For example, when you use thumbnails for your Youtube videos, Facebook & Twitter.

To add a featured image to your blog post go to fine-tuning tools section and click on “Set featured image” and set your featured image.  

Publishing your Post

Are you all done! It’s time to publish your first post. Click that “Publish button” and then click on view post when link appears to see your view post!

Now your website is live it’s time to take it to the new heights!

Taking your blog to New Heights

After you have set up your blog it’s time to take your blog to the next level. Many people struggles at this point, but I have put together a handful of guides to get you going easier.


Things to do after creating a Blog

First thing you have to do after creating a Blog is creating About Me Page (People wants to about you) & Contact Us Page (So that people contact you).


After creating pages, read out these posts below –

1. Most common mistakes new bloggers make (including me).

2. Finding free images for your blog(without getting copyrighted).

3. 100+ blog post ideas (Warning: Huge List).


Taking your Blog to the next level.

After creating content on your Blog it’s time to get some traffic.

1. Indexing your blog on Search Engines (Google, Bing).

2. Getting Traffic.

3. Monetizing Blog.

4. Setting up Google Analytics.

If you have any Questions or Suggestions you can send me by visting Contact Page. I will do my best to solve your issue. Hope you had a great day.


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