Hostgator is one of the largest leading and most popular Web hosting companies in the world.

Hostgator provides various hosting plans such as VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Cloud Hosting plans. 

I have used Hostgator services for my different websites.

Read this article in detail and figure out why Hostgator is best for your new website.

In this detailed guide, we will cover some important aspects which are needed to review Hostgator services.

Following are the different topics we will look into –

Ease of Use – How easy is to manage Hostgator services?

Performance – How fast your website will load on Hostgator servers? We will run several tests to analyze its performance.

Reliability – Is your website 24/7 accessible without a single downtime?

Customer Support – How much they are willing to help you? Checking their customer support response time.

Features – Does Hostgator helps you to create websites easily and manage them?

Pricing – How much pricing they offer? Does Hostgator save your money on specific deals?

Security – How much secure your website will be?


Hostgator was founded on 22 October 2002 by Brent Oxley. In a short span of time, Hostgator become one of the largest hosting company in the world.

Its headquarters are located in Texas, Houston and hosting over 8 Million domains.

Everything in this universe is not perfect. Like every other service, Hostgator have some pros and cons. Some pros and cons that I have figured out in Hostgator are –

Pros –

Migration (Free of Cost) – You can migrate your domain and hosting service from one platform to another platform free of cost. Hostgator support team will migrate your website from one web host to another during the first 30 days of Signup.

Money-Back Guarantee – They offer 45 days money-back guarantee. While other hosting companies do not exceed their time period of more than 30 days.

Flexible Billing Options – Hostgator helps you to choose monthly or annual plans. Buying annual plans will get you discount.

Reliable Servers – They guarantee 99.99% of uptime. If your website experiences downtime below this value they will get back one-month credit/debit card on your account.

Cons –

Free Domains (Not Available) – Other hosting companies like Bluehost offer free domains but Hostgator doesn’t offer free domains during signing up.

Aggressive Upselling – Sometimes during sign up process they add additional services. Sometimes a user is not aware and these additional options remain checked.

Performance and Reliability

What would you do if you sign up for a hosting and find that it is extremely slow? This will result in a high bounce rate on your page and you will lose your visitors.

That’s why HostGator comes into action here.

They offer 99.99% of uptime. In simple words, your website will be available 24/7.

If you are going to build an e-commerce website with storefront HostGator is best. Some studies have shown that 1 second of delay in page loading results in 7% fewer conversions.

Lose in visitors increases with delay in page loading.

hostgator review

Bottom Line – Speed results may vary for you. It depends on your hosting plans. If you are getting minimal traffic shared hosting plan is best for you.

In case if your site starts growing and getting thousands to millions of traffic you should migrate to a dedicated server plan. In this case, a shared hosting plan will not work you.

Hostgator features

Like other hosts, the HostGator doesn’t offer free domains but it provides some other advantages that make up for it.

Hostgator offers unlimited subdomains, email accounts and FTP accounts (used to transfer files from system to network).

They also offer unlimited bandwidth and storage options.

Hostgator has its own drag and drop site builder which is a great advantage.

It provides templates for your websites in more than 20+ categories such as fitness, portfolios, and photography.

If you are a beginner HostGator site builder might not work for you, although you can customize the templates if you have some basic knowledge.

Pro Tip – If you are a beginner and don’t want to code you can install WordPress. After creating a website on WordPress you can use website builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor.

These website builders are customizable and super easy to use. WordPress is best for you if you are a beginner and want to expand your business.

Hostgator Customer Support 

HostGator customer support is available 24/7. Customer support includes live chat, phone calls, email chat, etc. Login to HostGator dashboard and you will find a support button on top of the page.

Go to their customer support portal and you will find 700+ article sand 500+ videos to help you out. If you are not satisfied you can also direct chat with the support team.

If you are not familiar with some things such as FTP, DNS name servers you can read their article, watch videos and do live chat and call with them.

Pricing and Plans

Let’s start with a small plan. Hostgator provides it’s a cheapest hosting plan at $2.75 month. They also offer shared hosting plans, dedicated server plans, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting as well.

Cloud hosting (a robust form of shared hosting) starts at 5$ month.

They also provide dedicated hosting plans for faster speed and performance.

Read this article on types of web hosting and figure out which one is best for your business?

Conclusion: Is HostGator best for your website/business?

After reading my whole review on Hostgator you might be thinking of buying it. They offer a variety of hosting plans that might fit your budget and all business requirements.

Hostgator is trusted by over 2 million people.

Whether you are a beginner or pro you will find some great features in HostGator which will take your website to the next level.

Hostgator offers affordable plans at different rates.

Their guaranteed uptime means that your website will never run into a problem. So what are you thinking now? Do you have any questions and queries?

Comment down them below we will try our best to resolve your issue. If you have tried HostGator services comment on what you liked about them or not?

Hope you had a great day.

P.S. – Have you ever used HostGator services? Consider leaving a review whether it’s good or bad. It doesn’t matter unless it’s helpful to our visitors. Thanks for visiting our website.


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