Godaddy is one of the most infamous registrars in the domain industry. But more than that they provide custom web hosting solutions that you need to get your website online.

Godaddy has more than 16 million customers worldwide which makes them one of the famous and largest hosting providers.

Godaddy provides domain names, hosting solutions, marketing services, and email marketing.

They boast of having 24/7 customer support. The prices depend on features, options, different plans you choose.

About Godaddy

Bob Parsons launched Jomax technologies in 1997. But in 1999 Bob Parson suggested changing the name os it’s the company to Godaddy and on that day Godaddy was renamed.

The main goal of Godaddy was to provide affordable platforms to put their ideas online.

Today Godaddy is one of the largest domain registrars with 59 million domains registered.

They have 6 large data centers in Phoneix with a whopping 430,000 square feet of space. Other data centers are located in Amsterdam, Los Angles, Singapore,

Pros –

Cheap Plans – They offer cheap hosting plans to start a website/blog.

Customer Support – Godaddy has 24/7 live customer support which includes email chat, telephone, and live chat.

Advanced Features – Godaddy provides a lot of advanced hosting which you need to grow your website.


Upsells – They have a lot of upsells which can cost you a lot.

No Backups – There are no free backups. You have to opt for backup add-on features which will cost you more.

Navigation Boards – Their Cpanel and navigation boards is a little bit confusing because of a lot of options and services.

Website Migration – Like other web hosting providers Godaddy doesn’t offer free website migration service you have to pay for that.

Speed & Performance

Godaddy knows how to deliver a good uptime even on their shared hosting plans.

Godaddy has a strong uptime of 99.97% Fast loading pages matter, otherwise, they can hurt your search engine rankings which can negatively impact your conversion rates.

If your website has a lot of images and loads slow, you can use a Content delivery network CDN to take off the burden from your servers and make your website loads faster.


Godaddy is not only known for it’s hosting but also for the world’s largest domain registrar since 2005. You can register a new domain name on Godaddy for a cheap price.

If you sign up for their annual hosting plans they provide you a free domain for 1 year with no additional cost.

Godaddy provides one-click installs of Content Management System such as Cpanel, CentOS, Softaculous and Microsoft 365.

Godaddy website builder is a streamlined drag and drop builder with an extensive knowledge base which means anyone can create, design, launch a business website within minutes.

Customer Support & Secuity

Godaddy has 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection to save your website from malicious codes or hackers. Keeping your website safe is one of the most important aspects of your online business.

You should left this job to security experts. Godaddy also checks the usage of customers on your server to make sure your website stays consistent and fast.

They also offer 24/y customer support with a vast knowledge base, live chat and support system.

If you want to do a live chat with them, first you have to choose which department you want to talk about your problem.

Godaddy has improved a lot in the past few years with its live chat support system.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s take a quick overview of Godaddy hosting plans. Their web hosting solutions range from web hosting to blazing-dedicated servers.

Economy Plan – This plan consists of one website at a price of $4.33/m ( and renewal plan starts from $8.99/m ). In this plan, you will get 100 GB storage,
free business email, a free domain name for 1 year, unmetered bandwidth.

Deluxe Plan – You will get unlimited websites in this plan for $7.99/m. This plan comes with all-economy features, subdomains, and storage.

Ultimate Plan – Equipped with all deluxe features starting from $12.99/m ( with a renewal plan of $16.99/m ). This plan includes free SSL certificate for 1 year,
unlimited databases and premium DNS.

Maximum Plan – This plan consists of all ultimate features starting from $19.99/m ( and renewal plans starting from $24.99/m ). This plan handle your maximum website traffic.


Godaddy is a good web hosting solution with a strong uptime and fast loading pages. Most of their plans are low cost with a bse feature which is a good value at a first glance.

The only problem with Godaddy is that they have a lot of upsells and high renewal fees. However, if you opt for their long term plans you can escape renewal fees.

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