If you are getting blue screen death error/faulty hardware corrupted page in Windows 10 screen you are not the only one. Many Windows 10 users have reported this problem. Try these 4 fixes below and see which one works for you.


1. Update (IMEI) Intel Management Interface.

Sometimes outdated IMEI driver causes a problem. Go to the Intel support center on their official website and download the driver as so=hown in the picture below. After the download is finished installing it. The Restart your PC.


2. Update drivers.

Automatic Driver Update( Drive Easy)(Recommended)

Drive Easy is an automated software designed to configure your system and finding correct drivers for your computer card and other components.

You don’t have to manually update drivers one by one let this software do all the work for you. Steps for configuring and installing drive easy:-

1. Download and then Install Drive Easy.

2. Double click on Drive Easy Icon and open it. Click on Scan Now button. Drive easy software will start configuring and detecting any drivers problem.

3. Click on update button next to each driver or you can update all of them by clicking on the update all button.

( Update all requires pro version you have to upgrade your account in order to access this pro feature.)This pro feature comes with 30 days money back guarantee.


3. Disabling the fast startup.

In most cases, fast startup feature is the main culprit. First, go to the Control panel and then go to power options. Locate choose what the power button does and click on it.

Then click on change settings that are currently unavailable. Untick Turn On fast startup. Apply changes by clicking on save changes.

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