Err_name_not_resolved usually occurs when you try to log on a website. This error tells you that the web page you are searching is not available.

Basically, err_name_not_resolved occurs due to DNS address issues. Domain name servers address of your internet is blocked due to various reasons.

Try fixes below –

1. Clear browser cookies.

Browser cookies sometimes block DNS and causes err_name_not_resolved. Try clearing your browser cookies to fix error.

2. Use VPN

May be you are getting err_name_not_resolved error because connection to the website you are trying to reach is interrupted. You can use a VPN to bypass
the interruption. I recommend using NordVPN.


3. Check Firewall and your Security software.

Sometimes the security software or firewall yuo are using may block DNS.

Manually check the firewall settings of your browser. Open your security software
interface and head over to firewall and Internet security section.

4. Flush and renew DNS

You can solve this error by flushing and renewing the err_name_not_resolved. This method is quite effective. 

1. Search for command prompt and then right click on it and run as administrator

Type the following lines shown in the image below and wait after typing each line of code to complete the process, then type the next line.

5. Change your DNS address to public Google DNS.

Changing your DNS server address to public one may fix the problem. Follow the steps below to fix this problem.

1. Press both Windows logo key + R and type in “control” in run dialog box and hit enter.

2. Then go to Control panel and click on Network and Sharing center.

3. In the left pane click on change adapter settings.

4. Then right click on that Internet connection that you are using and click on Properties.

5. Then click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) , and choose properties option.

6. Choose Use the following sever DNS server address and enter for Alternate DNS server and 8.8.88 for preferred DNS server.

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