Sometimes when you use discord you can hear other people on the channel but they are unable to pick up your microphone audio. A no. of users have countered discord not picking up mic problem.

This problem is more faced by gamers and twitch users because it is a primary communication device for gaming need.
These issues occur due to different problems. Don’t worry it’s an easy problem to fix.

Fix1- Reset your voice settings

This method has a high percentage success rate. Follow the steps below to reset voice settings in discord.

1. Go to user settings in the bottom-right corner of Discord window.


Discord not picking up mic


2. Then select General settings and click on Voice and Audio. Choose Reset Voice Settings. A discord window will open to confirm your selection and hit OK.


Discord not picking up mic

Discord not picking up mic


3. Then wait for a while to reinitialize discord. Then reconnect headset and check if the glitch is removed or not.


Fix2- Disable the exclusive Windows Mode

Sometimes window takes control over applications or the audio device driver and allowing them to do cause problem. Follow the steps below to disable exclusive mode in windows.

1. Head over to taskbar and right click on Vol. icon and choose recording devices.

2. Then select your microphone option and click on properties then go to advanced tab option and unselect all checkbox under the exclusive mode. Then click on apply to apply changes and hit OK.

3. Reboot PC to see it works or not.


Fix3- Select your Microphone headset under the Input device.

Sometimes you don’t specify mic should be used with discord. Very often the built-in mic doesn’t have drivers which are required to function with VOIP service discord. Follow the steps below to perform this operation

1. Go to Voice & Audio settings. Click on the drop-down menu of voice.

Note – If you are not aware which mic to select as input device go to the taskbar and right click on recording devices, Recording tab then talk into your mic headset and see which icon lights up with a green light.

Then the final step is to increase the Input Vol. Slider of your mic.


Fix4- Tweak the Auto Input Sensitivity Settings.

Another thing that prevents your mic functionality is Auto input sensitivity of headset mic. Follow the steps below to perform this operation.

1. Go to Voice & Video then go to Input settings and enable the button next to it. If the toggle button is disabled you make sure that manual slider is placed in the middle.


Fix5- Run discord as administrator

Discord uses UDP to send data to other people and sometimes discord doesn’t have appropriate privilege to transmit voice over the Internet.

Discord not picking up mic

Discord not picking up mic

Then you make sure that you run Discord as Administrator.


Fix6- Log out of Discord app.

If you want a quick fix, log out of discord app and again log in. This fix is temporary it may work or not. Go to user settings and scroll down to log out a window open to confirm.

FIX7- Update your audio drivers


Fix7- Change Input mode to push to talk

If the above methods you applied failed, you can try this method by changing input mode by changing from voice Action to push to talk mode.

Some people report that after making a change in input mode, mic starts working properly. In this mode, you have to press a button everytime you want to say something to other people.

It’s a little inconvenience, but it will help you to restart the communications with your Buddies.

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