1. LiquidWeb Hosting – Best Managed Dedicated Server.

Uptime – 99.99%

Customer Support – 5/5

Loading time – 620ms

Website –

dedicated server hosting

The liquid web was founded in 1997 and since then has become a leading brand in managed web hosting products. Their managed hosting servers are not for small individuals and bloggers.

They offer high end hosting services for big websites and businesses. Liquid web manages half a million sites with only 30,000 customers in 130 countries.

If you are a Web designer and developer with a digital agency liquid web is perfect for you.

Liquidweb is a hosting powerhouse which comes with top-notch features for your website. They cater to supreme customer support.

They can serve your needs from creating a simple blog to a business website. The major downside of liquidweb is that they are a bit expensive.

Speed & Performance –

We hosted our websites on their dedicated server platforms and found an average uptime of >99.99% which is quite amazing.

Then we tested out their page loading time using Pingdom page speed test tool and found loading time of 620ms which is superior. Although it’s not that impressive, it’s good enough.

Customer Support –

We tested out their customer support and get a response to our request within 30 seconds which is amazing. Their customer agent was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in detail.

We asked him about some basic questions related to our website security. Such as what measures you take in case our data got compromised and hacked etc?

dedicated server hosting

Liquidweb features –

Liquidweb servers are powerful and good. Their cheapest dedicated server plan gives 480GB disk space with a huge 5TB of Bandwidth cap and 16GB of RAM with ultra-fast processors.

If you buy their hosting packages above $1000 they give you live access to their web architects to clear your errors and problems instantly.

Pricing –

Liquidweb pricing seems to be a bit expensive as compared to other web hosting providers. Their pricing plans range from $199/m to a whopping server for $549/m.

They charge for over usage of bandwidth if you use more than you have subscribed for. There is no correlation between traffic and bandwidth.

If you are getting 1000 monthly visitors on a website having 3-4 pages uses approx. 1GB of bandwidth. The positive thing about Liquidweb is that their prices don’t increase at renewal.

dedicated server hosting
dedicated server hosting

Liquidweb is a bit expensive, but you get exactly what you paid for. No hidden expenses, no increase in prices during renewal. Their professionalism stands them apart from the crowd.

2. Bluehost – Good for High Bandwidth and Storage.

Uptime – 99.98%

Customer Support – 4/5

Loading time – 350ms

Website –

dedicated server hosting

Bluehost dedicated servers are reliable and good in the hosting industry for a long time. They never fail to fulfill their promises.

Bluehost has an impressive uptime and solid speed. Most important and the best thing about them is their low pricing as compared to liquidweb. If your budget for a dedicated server is limited, Bluehost is good for you.

Speed & Performance –

Bluehost provides great uptime and speed. For over a year, we have used Bluehost services on our different websites and we’ve rarely had a downtime.

Bluehost comes with a 99.9% of uptime and their page loading speed 350ms. If you’re looking for a host with great uptime, Bluehost is good for you.

Customer Support –

Bluehost offers a great customer support team. We tried to connect with their customer agent and within 3 minutes we got a response.

Their customer agent replies in a precise and simple manner. Bluehost customer support is not good as liquidweb but it’s good as compared to other web hosts.

dedicated server hosting

Features –

Bluehost dedicated plans provide 500GB of disk space, 5TB of huge bandwidth you are unlikely to ever notice it. 4 GB of RAM is a little downside here but for small business websites, it is good.

If your website gets big really fast or your traffic increased unexpectedly Bluehost doesn’t charge a single dollar.

As compared to other dedicated server hosting providers Bluehost is cheap and offer the same features. Bluehost provides ultra-fast processors with a huge bandwidth. Their plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing –

Bluehost dedicated server plans are really cheap as compared to other hosting providers. Their plans range from $79.99/m to $119.99/m.

If your budget is limited and you need a reliable dedicated server, Bluehost is the right choice for you.

dedicated server hosting

You should notice that the prices shown here are only if you pay for 3 years upfront. However, plans less than 3 years can climb up to $149.99/mo paid monthly.

With their cheapest plan, you get good features at a cheap rate. After 3 years prices increase on renewal. Even then, it still provides low-end pricing.

They offer full-featured plan starting at $79.99/m with an impressive uptime and speed. Ultimately, Bluehost is a great value for money.

3. HostGator : Reliable & Cheap

Uptime – 100%

Loading time – 920ms

Customer Support – 4/5

Website –

Hostgator is a well-known web hosting platform in the web hosting industry. They have a huge customer base. It is one of the most reliable hosts.

Hostgator also comes with good pricing. The only downside of having HostGator as your host is that their servers are bit slow sometimes.

Speed & Performance –

Hostgator has a marvelous uptime of 100%. As speed and uptime are the most web hosting factors.

They fall a bit in their loading time. We found their page loading time 950ms which is very high as compared to other web hosts.

Customer Support –

Customer support is decent. We tested out their customer support and get a response within 3 mins. Most of their replies are links to other pages which provide more detailed information.

Overall, their customer support quality is good.


Hostgator provides great features in their plans. They give unlimited bandwidth option as long you stay with their terms of service.

Hostgator offers 1 TB of disk space, Unlimited space, Unlimited bandwidth, 8 GB of RAM with multi-core processors. Features they provide is good when compared to their prices.

Unlike liquidweb, they don’t provide automatic backups. You have to create backups on your own which is easy.

Pricing –

Unlike other hosting providers their renewal plans are good and affordable. Their plans are almost similar to Bluehost.

After 3 years their renewal plans are higher. Don’t worry – their renewal plans are decent as starter plans.

If security is your top concern, HostGator is best for you. Their dedicated hosting services are above average and their pricing is decent.

dedicated server hosting

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