Astra theme is a free WordPress theme that is known for its Simplicity and Speed. Anyone can install the Astra theme in few clicks. I also use the Astra theme on my own blog.

Theme Astra also comes in a free version or you can upgrade for pro version at any time. 

Astra’s theme is focused to work with page builders. It is not only fast and simple it is also SEO friendly. If you don’t have any HTML knowledge Astra suits your all needs.  Whether you want to create a personal blog, fitness website, agency website Astra offers various possibilities.

In Astra pro, you will get tons of features like customize layouts, stylish themes, and several other functionalities.

Astra theme is designed and developed by Brainstorm force in 2017. Brainstorm force is a talented WordPress development company. 

Key Features of Astra Theme

Astra theme provides various possibilities, some of the key features of Astra theme are listed below –

1. Astra is designed for page builder. ( Elementor, Beaver Builder).

2. You can import demo websites easily in one click.

3. Astra theme is lightweight and well coded.

4. It provides SEO friendly markup.

5. Astra supports Woocommerce platforms.

6. It is open-source, 100% GPL.

7. Astra uses Vanilla Javascript.

8. Most of the Astra sites loads in less than half of a second.

9. Astra has a dedicated support team. 

10. It is very easy to use. 

Astra for Page Builders

astra theme review

Astra theme is designed specifically for page builders. If you don’t know coding HTML Astra is great for you. I am also a programmer and I know building websites from scratch is very time-consuming and a waste of time.

If you have a page builder and a well-coded theme there is no need to code. You can focus completely on website branding, marketing, traffic, etc.

Many themes are not compatible with page builders but Astra is designed to work with them. Some of the website page builders that you can use with Astra theme are listed below –  

1. Elementor.

2. Beaver Builder.

3. Site Origin.

4. Divi Builder.

5. Visual Composer.

Astra also provides customize hooks option to customize the layout of your website easily. It provides various options like Pages with Sidebars, without sidebars, footer disables/enable, Featured image option, etc.

Astra pro theme helps you to edit your header portion. You can add “Contact us” and  “Buy Now” button in header easily whereas most of the themes suffer here.

Astra built for Speed & Performance

astra theme review

Astra theme is built for high-speed performance using Vanilla Javascript. It is a well-coded theme. Speed (page loading) is the most important factor when it comes to google rankings. Because of the slow loading of the page increases your bounce rate. 

Astra theme gets a high grade in all page speed test tool. Some screenshots are given below which will show you how fast is Astra theme.

Astra Theme Review

Astra theme loads under 50 kb which is too small as compared to most of the home pages which end up over 1MB to 2MB in size which is a great advantage.

Starter/Demo Websites Library

Astra has a collection of pre-built starter websites which saves a lot of time. Their templates collection includes blog templates, Business templates, Agency templates, Fitness templates. 

When you buy Astra pro version these templates are automatically added to your library. Astra also provides specific templates for specific page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder. 

SEO friendly in Nature

Astra theme is SEO friendly in nature. Creators of Astra have included schema which helps your websites SEO. Schema is a small piece of coding where you can add your website’s pages and some portions which helps google and other search engines to know what your page is exactly about. 

Whenever star ratings on search results appear such as products, recipes they use schema code? They also provide specific schema code to get search panel in site link. It helps people when they look up for your website on google.

Astra Theme Review
Astra Theme Review

Astra Add-Ons

Most of the features that we discussed above are free. If you upgrade for their pro version they provide various helpful add ons listed below –

1. Sticky header.

2. Custom Footer.

3. Custom Layouts.

4. Page header (Title, Breadcrumbs).

5. Custom Header.

6. Layout and Typography.

7. Logo design.

8. Color options.

9. Featured Image.

Astra theme is the best theme in all ways. It is optimized for speed and performance. Astra works easily with almost all page builders.

It helps you to customize your whole site including design, color, layouts and much more. If you are new to website concept or coding I prefer to use a well-coded theme instead of building a website from scratch.

Coding is very time consuming and requires skills, money. Astra has a dedicated support team to help you at any time.

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