A device attached to the system is not functioning. Many Windows users have reported an issue that they are getting an error “A device attatched to the system is not functioning”.

Usually this type of error occurs when user tries to copy files from USB Storage to computer. This error is very annoying. Don’t wory this error can be fixed very easily.


1. Reconnect your Device.

Properly connecting the USB port may fix the problem. Make sure the cable is not defective. Try reconnecting your device. Check connector is not poorly connected.


2. Restart computer.

Sometimes due to corruption issues in operating system cause this error. Restart your PC and then check error is fixed or not.


3. Format your device.

In some cases you get this error because your USB device is not properly formatted. Formatting your USB device may fix this issue.

1. First backup your USB data then format device.

2. Then right click on your USB device in My PC and click on Format option. 

3. Then configure format settings and click start.

4. Then try using your USB storage to receive or send some files.


4. Update device driver.

The number one thing you should do is to update your device driver. Updating the device driver is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

1. Press both Windows + R, then type in devmgmt.msc in the run dialog box and hit enter on your keyboard. It will automatically look up for drivers which need to be updated.


Automating the Process –

Finding or updating drivers one by one is a very time-consuming process. But I will make it easier for you. Download Driver easy software. This software automatically detects drivers which need to be updated.

Follow the steps below to update your windows drivers –
1. Install driver easy software.
2. Open driver easy and click on Scan Now button. This software will automatically scan drivers which need to be updated.

3. Then drive easy will show you a list of drivers which needs to be updated. Update them one by one. If you want to Update all drivers in one time you have to buy their Pro version.

4. After installing all drivers restart your PC and check error is fixed or not.

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